Scott Street Performs Toto

I Won’t Hold You Back

Another oldie dating back to December 1983. The Scott Street Band hired a group of Ryerson students to film part or their performance. We’re taking you back to that night and to the Holiday Inn’s Auto Pub in Oshawa, Ontario.

Dave Perry, the lead singer, in the Scott Street Band, is the voice coach at North Shore Music in Napanee. Dave loves to play the role of voice coach, vocal coach, or singing teacher (whatever you would like to call him) give Dave a call now to set up a voice lesson online.

Online vocals will continue for your convenience even after we are able to open the North Shore Music’s studio again for in-person private, group, and band lessons and mentoring.

The Scott Street Band

For this Toto song, the band members play the following:

Dave Perry: Lead Vocals
Linda Begg: Backup Vocals
Dean Rundle: Guitar and Backup Vocals
Brett Pieckarz: Keyboards
Orrin Baird: Soprano Sax
Randy Begg: Drums
Bill Hall: Bass
Paul Smith: Sound Man
A Group of Ryerson Students: Lighting and Video