Who's Your Daddy

Rest In Peace X-Ray (Michael) MacRae

How I Knew X-Ray

X-Ray was a neighbour, friend, and a fellow lover of music. He was a club owner and music booker who played a large role in legendary Toronto music venue The Horseshoe Tavern. He passed away on January 26, at the age 72.

I had not known X-Ray for many years like some others have but I am very grateful for the short time I did know him. At one visit, I shared with him some of my own stories of playing on the road and later teaching music. He was as interested in listening to my stories as I was to his. He commended me on keeping music alive with my career as a musician in spite of my vision issues. He was impressed by the fact that I never gave up. That meant a lot to me.

Celebration of Life

X-Ray’s Celebration of Life was held at the Legion in Sydenham this past Saturday, May 25th. Peter Lloyd and his band Who’s Your Daddy put on an excellent performance. As a surprise to some of us, Dan Ackroyd joined the band on stage in the second set and blew some great harp and laid down some serious vocals. He also shared some memories of his friendship with X-Ray.

On the stage were X-Ray’s drums, a kitchen table, and a fridge. X-Ray typically entertained around his kitchen table while he shared his music adventures.

What a great afternoon in remembrance of X-Ray!

Tributes to X-Ray

If you are interested in reading about the tributes from others that had known X-Ray have posted, this article on Billboard Canada is a good place to start.

The Shore Things Music By The River

The Shore Things – Music By The River

Music By The River

The Shore Things are the North Shore Music house band.

This performance took place at Conservation Park on August 27, 2023 as part of the Music By The River hosted by the Town of Napanee, ON.

Band Members are: Deb Dart, lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Charlie Dart on drums, Dave Curran on electric and acoustic guitar, Tom Gulley on Bass guitar and backup vocals, Peter Snell on Sax, flute, and harmonica, and Dave Perry on keyboards, lead vocals and backup vocals.

Thank You!

Many thanks to all the people who came out and listened to The Shore Things last Sunday. Your support is greatly appreciated.

King Sound

King Sound – Napanee

We would also like to extend our appreciation to Charlie King of King Sound for making The Shore Things sound good!

Amanda Perry

Thanks to Amanda Perry for forwarding the videos she took on her phone allowing us to present them for your listening pleasure.

Moon Dance

The Letter

Deb Dart Performs Live!

Deb Dart, performs live at The Old Book Store Cafe this Sunday, January 27 at 1 p.m. Deb will perform her solo act with her husband, Charlie Dart, backing her up on the congas.

Deb is a North Shore Music student AND a member of our house band, The Shore Things.

Deb Dart Live at The Old Book Store Cafe

The Old Book Store Cafe

Check out The Old Book Store Cafe’s Facebook page for details and directions by clicking the link above. See you there!

At North Shore Music, we like to think of our instructors as coaches. They will work with you to have you playing or singing the songs that you really want to do quickly. We also have a band program, so if your dream is to play in a band that is also an option. You do not have to take private lessons with us to join the band program.

To see more of our student accomplishments click here.

North Shore Music Celebrates Canada Day With Family And Friends

Made in Canada!
Made In Canada!

The Shore Things entertained family and friends, for the first time, on Canada Day 2018.  On a day that was 33 degrees with a humidex of 40, it was so hot and humid that both The Things and the audience cooked in more ways than one.  That didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the performance however.

Debbie Dart sang most of the tunes and played guitar and tambourine.  She put on an amazing performance as the Shore Things’ front woman.  Debbie’s hubby, Charlie Dart, played left-handed drums and came forward to play congas.  Also switching it up was Dave Perry the Shore Things’ keyboard player.  He came forward to play congas and sing.  He also went to the back to play the other set of drums and sang harmonies to several songs.  Not to be outdone, Dave Curran, lead guitar, pulled out a harmonica for a tune or two.  For the next event, the Shore Things are expecting to have a bass player!

North Shore Music would like to thank all the family and friends that cooked along with the band both inside and outside.  If any of you have photos you’d like to include with the ones above, please let one of the Daves know.

After the show, people cooled down by dragging their chairs off the beach and into the waters of Hay Bay, while the children enjoyed playing and swimming.

At dusk, there were sparklers followed by a grand fireworks display and a campfire with roasted marshmallows.  Yummy!  What a way to end an awesome day!