Band Lessons, Coaching, and Mentorship

Band lessons, coaching, and mentorship will be held at The Loft location on the north shore of Hay Bay in Napanee.

North Shore Music has the experience and expertise to assist your current band to become the best it can be.  We can assist you with song choices, arrangements, original songs, and all the other aspects of running a successful band whether you are playing just for fun or getting ready for that next gig or studio project.

You will be assisted by professionals who have “been there, done that” for many years.  They will use their experience to help you avoid the “gotchas” that they went through themselves.

North Shore Music has 2 sets of drums.  One configured for right-hand use and the other for left-hand use.  There is also a keyboard and a PA system available for use to save lugging and slugging of your own equipment.